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I just stumbled upon this image on a tumblr site and fell in love. I love the abundance of books and the textiles stacked neatly underneath, which make me think this is someone’s workspace. There are so many rich, lovely details throughout. While I love the visual inspiration that the tumblr “blogs” provide, I have to say that I wish tumblr users would site their sources more often. Any ideas where this is from?

13 thoughts on “Currently Loving…

  1. I’m pretty sure this is from an issue of Domino….I remember noting the clever and beautiful storage of fabrics (whereas mine are stuffed in my linen closet!?)

  2. I think the personality of the owner really shows through the choice of decor. The little treasures from his/her travels, ethnic looking fabrics, japanese paper fan, porcelain horse…very inspiring!

  3. I;ve been flirting with the idea of redesigning my storage space in my office, possibly adding bookshelves – you just gave me a great inspiration to work with! Love the random items mixed with the books – looks so dynamic and fun!

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