Calling All Design Bloggers!

Join interior design bloggers, new media innovators, and interior design industry leaders for the inaugural Design Bloggers Conference – the premier conference for new media and the interior design industry. This two-day conference will take place in Los Angeles, February 28th through March 1st and offers a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the intersection of interior design with the world of new media from blogging to social media, and beyond. This is the only conference specifically focused on the needs of design bloggers. “Learn to build a stellar personal brand for yourself, your blog, and your career. Learn how to engage your readers with information and entertainment on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels.”

I am very excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Design Bloggers Conference along with Tobi Fairley, Ronda Carman, Grace Bonney, Cassandra Lavalle, Anne Sage, Tracy Porter, Stacy Kunstel, Barclay Butera and keynote speaker, Jan Showers! This is sure to be an exciting and valuable experience. Be sure to register before January 11th in order to take advantage of the discounted early bird rate. The High Gloss girls and I hope to see you there!

11 thoughts on “Calling All Design Bloggers!

  1. This is something I would love to attend but unfortunately can’t so I’ll live vicariously thru you, lol. When I first read about this conference I was at work, the 8-5 that isn’t utilizing my interior design degree. Tho I design on the side & have steadily worked on a project since graduating, it has been discouraging to not work fulltime in my field. I started my blog as a means of simply exercising my creative thoughts with ppl I know who encouraged me to do so. Not everyone gets “blogging” or social media & some have shared those sentiments. Knowing this conference exists and reading some of the profiles of the speakers (including you with your online mag) has really inspired me & validated everything. Sorry for the novel.

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