Love It or Leave It: Olivia Palermo & Leopard Print

I’ve reblogged Olivia in this outfit three times today. Safe to say I love her. A lot. 

{Olivia Palermo looking completely fierce on the streets of New York- I love this look! Source}

{I am majorly loving leopard right now and this cardigan paired with a yellow skirt and that statement safety pin necklace makes for a very fresh combination! Source}


So, let’s hear it. Could you see yourself wearing either of these outfits?

33 thoughts on “Love It or Leave It: Olivia Palermo & Leopard Print

  1. I love Olivia’s outfit and yes, I could see mysself in it. Yes, please. Love the sunglasses, teh leather pants, the fur vest, the clutch – the whole package. Yet to see Olivia in an outfit that I don’t like or desire to own. Have you see one? I think you like her style as much as I do – so classy and always put together.



  2. I would wear Olivia’s outfit, assuming the fur is faux of course! I’ve tried on several vests like hers and haven’t found one that is as sleek. It’s a trend that may be tricky.

    As for the leopard, I like it, but I think I’ve reached my saturation point with it. It’s ubiquitous! I was walking the High Line this weekend (wearing a leopard scarf from Topshop) and women without an accent of leopard were few and far between.

  3. I would totally wear Olivia’s outfit ! I love her Hermes clutch. With the black , it looks very pretty. As for the leopard print and the yellow skirt, I would keep that for a day I’m feeling overly confident about myself because it’s quite loud .


  4. I love the combination of leopard with yellow in the second image, so pretty! And Olivia is just flawless every time, love her fashion choices. I would totally wear either of these outfits.

  5. I love the cardigan with the statement necklace. I love the way it looks with the yellow, but I don’t think I could pull it off. I’d wear the cardigan and neclace with jeans or something black on the bottom.

  6. I completely stay away from the fur/faux fur thing (to me, even faux fur gives the wrong impression). So the first is a No for me. The second outfit isn’t me, but I like the color of the skirt and would wear it with solid black top.

  7. The top look is what everyone is wearing in Italy now. The look I’m seeing on the streets here this fall is polished and simple but not stuffy. Makes it so fun to get dressed, doesn’t it!

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