Olivia Palermo’s New Look

We’re used to seeing Olivia Palermo looking like this. A gorgeous, ultra-chic girl with beautiful, long hair. In fact, many would say that her hair is equally as fabulous as her style. While attending the fashion shows in Europe, Olivia debuted a new, shorter look. She is stunning either way, but I feel like her hair was part of her signature. What do you think?

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47 thoughts on “Olivia Palermo’s New Look

  1. kendall k … totally agree. I have such a hard time saying anything nice about her. She comes off as such a bitch. She’s beautiful on the outside but seems ruthless on the inside.

  2. I agree, Olivia’s hair was definitely an important part of her personal style. I have long hair and have been thinking about cutting mine as well, I don’t know if I wold go that short though!

  3. I’ll be the only one who goes out on a limb to say she would be so much more lovely on the outside if she were lovely on the inside..

  4. I hate to say it, but I think it makes her looks older, more stuffy…just overall more matronly. She is still beautiful of course, but doesn’t have the same youthful appearance. (Disclaimer: I’ve never seen an episode of The Hills! I know most people who have dislike her!)

  5. I’m gonna go the opposite of what everyone else seems to say. I think the long hair made her look more L.A. in the New York world and the short hair makes her look more sophisticated.

  6. Although her long locks were gorgeous it was time for a new look and this shorter chopped look is perfect, just what Olivia needed to stay fresh.

  7. I have long had a huge style crush on Olivia – I covet her entire closet, lol.

    I loved her longer hair, and at first I didn’t like the shorter hair – but that was because she was still trying to style it like her longer hair (with those gorgeous barrel curls she used to have). Now that she’s decided to wear it straight, it looks fabulous.

    I especially love the black, gold, camel and oatmeal look she has going on… Those Charlotte Olympia heels are just off the chain. And the color combo is so luxe.

  8. I love the shorter hair. I hate to think that people have to stay in one style because it is their “signature.” Style is ever evolving. I love the new look!

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