This or That: Upper Kirby Estates

The other day, I was perusing Houston real estate listings for fun and came across two new homes that were very similar in their layout, but very different in style. Both of these homes are part of a new, exclusive enclave called Upper Kirby Estates, located in what Houstonians refer to as “inside the loop”, or the heart of the city. Both homes are 5,000 square feet and they both share a $1,395,000 price tag. So, considering the fact that they are nearly identical in many ways, it comes down to taste. Which would you choose: the first house or the second house? Both homes are really lovely, but if you’ve read La Dolce Vita long enough, you can probably guess which home gets my vote.





So, which home gets your vote?

36 thoughts on “This or That: Upper Kirby Estates

  1. I would absolutely dive into house number two.
    The first is certainly a quality build, but the second speaks much more to a sophisticated, uptown and yet youthful aesthetic.
    Oh the things I would do to those rooms!
    Two more reasons why Houston makes me happy 😉
    Cheers, Alcira

  2. I am modern classic all the way. House #2 for me please. My kitchen is similar to this (on a way smaller scale), white cabinets and white subway tile, classic. I’ll take it:)

    Amy R.

  3. I have shown these homes (I’m a Realtor in Houston) and absolutely love both… and the whole concept of the development. Plus, it’s next door to one of the city’s best farmers’ markets. Unfortunately, the other 9 slated homes are on hold.

  4. Oh my goodness, there is no question #2 is gorgeous on the inside! But but but…why do these houses look like ugly convention centers on the outside? Maybe it is the pics or just me but YARG.

  5. I’m just catching up on all my blogs from being gone. I love #2 because I like white anything and white kitchens and baths are my favorite. Anything in carera marble. However, in house one I do love the the first three pics – love the hallway, living room but don’t care for the bathrooms. Dark wood cabinets are not my thing – beautiful homes!

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