Chic Little Cuties

{You’re never too young for a LBD!}

In honor of fashion week, I’ve rounded up a few images of some very fashionable little cuties. Some of them are European, natch! I love European children’s clothes and always fight the urge to buy things for my future children when I am traveling in Europe. I know that children aren’t dolls, but I can’t help but look forward to having children and dressing them in cute clothes! Happy Monday, everyone!

{The Littlest Hipster: This little guy would fit right in with the Novogratz clan on Bravo’s 9 by Design.He was featured on The Sartorialist.}

{Tres chic! This look is chic for girls of any age.}

{How darling is this little doll?}


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24 thoughts on “Chic Little Cuties

  1. Paloma ~

    Trust me, it is such a fun detail of having a girl ~ to be able to dress her up daily! I love it! And the European clothes are my absolute favorite ~ chic from newborn onward….

    Have a great week!

  2. The first little doll baby is too cute, I would so dress a little girl in that and the trench is to die for. That is so funny I thought the same thing about the little boy , in fact I took a second look to see if I recognized him as one of the clan. Fun post,

  3. Oh my, I want that Peter pan dress and ballerina flats too! She wears it with such flair.
    And Emmanuel’s sweet daughter is unsurprisingly impeccably dressed, like mother like daughter!

  4. what great images! I especially love the first one and the girl in the trench. it’s so true that european kiddies have great style – when I was studying in London I couldn’t get over how stylish the children are!

  5. Too cute, this post just made my day. I love european children’s clothes as well, I find any excuse to shop for my goddaughter and can’t imagine what will happen when its time for me to have a few of my own. Great pics Paloma!

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