Fabulous Room Friday 09.10.10

nuevo estilo thomas urquijo

The other day, I was going through the image files on my computer and I stumbled upon this gorgeous bedroom by Thomas Urquijo. Urquijo really knows how to strike the perfect balance between modernity and glamour along with masculinity and femininity. Everything in this chic bedroom is very crisp and tailored and could almost be considered minimal if not for the fabulous art and accessories throughout the room. I especially love the gilded lamp and the fabulous X-benches. I could move right in!

{Image Credit: Thomas Urquijo}

10 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 09.10.10

  1. Beautifully styled bedroom. My eye is drawn to the geometric rug, and the contrasting side tables. I also appreciate the masculine element of this bedroom and especially the idea that it can become more feminine by simply adding a decorative pillow and maybe a chic art deco vase with flowers.

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