Fabulous Room Friday 8.20.10

I recently came across this image of designer, Eric Cohler’s bedroom on The Neo-Traditionalist and was rather intrigued by the eclectic mix within the room’s four walls. You have very traditional, antique furniture coupled with David Hicks’ La Fiorentina fabric (my fave) and bold pop art by Andy Warhol and Alex Katz. I absolutely adore the monogrammed linens.

Initially, I was struck by the lovely lines of this settee as well as the beautiful pillows. The more I studied this image, the more I came to love the huge painting commissioned by Cohler which combines the works of John Singer Sargeant and Edward Hopper. It’s kind of amazing. However, do you find the combination of so many bold works of art to be overwhelming within the confines of a bedroom? I enjoy looking at this room, but I’m not sure that I could live in it.

If you’d like to see more of Cohler’s interesting New York apartment, be sure to check out the post I wrote for Circa Lighting’’s blog yesterday.

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12 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 8.20.10

  1. Eclectic…exactly, what I love. The mixing of contemporary stream lines pieces and traditional pieces, as seen in his use of a cherry “antique” looking desk and chair, looks FAB.

  2. It’s fabulous indeed, but since I’m not the world’s biggest Warhol fan, I’d probably nix those and let the commissioned piece take the spotlight. I do adore the mix of modern and traditional that’s going on in here! I’m off to check out the Circa blog post now…

  3. I LOVE this interior and for a NYC life this would be my choice. Every inch is accounted for.
    I have no problem at all living with BIG artwork and he has such a lively combination of styles. I find it all very interesting to look at. Of course, his linen selection is way above par.
    Thanks for this post…really impressive.

  4. My fave piece would have to be the commissioned painting, and the entire room is fantastic, but if I were in this space I think I’d feel claustrophobic! There is so much going on in this room it might be a bit much for me…

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