Tuft Love

z gallerie willow sofa

I love the new Willow Sofa from Z Gallerie! It combines clean lines with a fabulous tufted back. Has anyone seen it in person? What do you think? Does the combination of classic elements make it something that would stand the test of time or do you consider it too trendy? It is upholstered in microfiber velvet and only comes in this ultra light color…

Do you think it would stand up to my little Tate? We all know how he likes to sit on the furniture and all.

14 thoughts on “Tuft Love

  1. Georgous sofa! I literally gasped in my cubicle when I scrolled down and saw the photo….but my experience tells me that dogs and cream furniture just don’t mix. Sometimes they have warranty to clean or replace for free if you buy it, but it doesn’t cover everything. The dye from my friend’s jeans is what really put our cream loveseat over the edge and into the reupholsterer’s shop. 🙁

  2. We’re looking at a similar style of sofa and I do love light colours, but I worry about how they will hold up. I want a sofa that looks great but is functional and comfortable, too.

    I’m so torn between a really comfortable sofa great for lounging around and one that appeals to my asethic sensibilities.

  3. I think it is a great looking sofa, classic in shape and microfiber generally cleans well (you can get a sample of the fabric and test stain and clean it)….I’m more worried about the tufting and the dog hair. Tufting catches a lot of debris and it’s hard to get dust and dog hair out of the small tufting!!

  4. I love that sofa, but speaking from personal experience, it’ll end up making you miserable. And poor little Tate won’t understand why Mommy is so grumpy when he jumps on it with normal dirty puppy feet! Would be perfect for a living room though…

  5. We have a sofa from ZGallerie in this color and fabric. We have two dogs (collies – one is black, brown and white and one is brown and white). They are never really on the couch but their hair does stick to the front of it when they are shedding – it vacuums off very easily. We are a young married couple and I swear our place is like a fraternity at times – it has stood up really well over the last two years – we’ve had minor stains that have disappeared with some spray and vacuuming.

    I think the shape and style of it is pretty simple and classic. So if you love it – go for it!

  6. Hello! I really enjoy your blog! Your taste is absolutely fabulous. I have had this post flagged since it appeared on your blog. I love the wall with the plates on it. My husband and I are finally purchasing a new home, and I would love to use that paint color in our dining room. Could you please share the paint color you used on the plate wall? Thank you so much!

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