Shut. It. Down.

Rachel Zoe and company are back for a third season! I am super excited for a new dose of “bananas”, “I die”, “coming undone”, and “shutting it down”. Aside from all of the Zoeisms and amazing fashion, I love watching Rachel work her magic through all of the chaos in her life along with her adorable assistant cum Style Director, Brad, who has been promoted after Taylor quit under mysterious circumstances. The drama starts tonight on Bravo!

17 thoughts on “Shut. It. Down.

  1. Love Rachel Zoe’s talent in fashion, not to sure about her Zoeisms but boy can she put an amazing outfit together. Love her individuality!! Looking forward to this season. Taylor needed to go with her attitude, too bad though she seems to have real talent she just needs an attitude adjustment. Love Brad!! Kathysue

  2. There is something so addicting about watching RZ go. Plus she is so bananas…have you ever heard of anyone having to remove themselves from life because of vertigo 🙂 Miss you darling and I am addicted to Mad Men right now!

  3. taylor was fired under suspicion of stealing.

    i personally can’t stand RZ, mostly because i’ve had bosses like her who had no concept of leadership or managing a team. she wanted a play-buddy in brad + dumped work on taylor. the one who cared about a career, and not working for a star, got the short end of the stick. i find it unfortunate when women lead in that way. not a role model or a style icon to me. meh, maybe that’s why i don’t have tv anymore! 😉

    i would like to steal her office’s shoe closet though!!

    xo, jessica

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