Emerson Made: The Clothing Line

Have you all seen EmersonMade’s new clothing line? Emerson started out with her signature flower pins, which led to a charming collection of accessories. Now, she is launching her first clothing line and it is BANANAS! I seriously love every piece, especially the fabulous Silk Dots blouse (pictured above and below).


{I’ve never been one to wear clothes that are too clingy or revealing. In my opinion, it’s clothes like these that are the most sexy.}

{The Silk Dots Blouse with the 1970s-inspired Old School Straight Leg Jeans}

{This outfit is perfect for so many things! Naturally, the EmersonShift is perfectly accessorized.}

{The Confetti Dress is the perfect weekend dress and would work so well with a cute jacket in early autumn. Yes, you CAN wear white after labor day!}

{The Pocket Skirt seems like it would be universally flattering. I love the easy fit and of course, the pockets.}


To learn more about the EmersonMade clothing line, visit their website.

21 thoughts on “Emerson Made: The Clothing Line

  1. I adore EmersonMade. I got one of the flower clutches awhile back and ALWAYS get stopped multiple times when I carry it. I think I need the blouse!

  2. I’ve heard about their clothing line, but didn’t get the chance to take a closer look. Now that you posted these beautiful pictures, I’m so in love with the simple, but so charming dresses & blouses! Emerson can do no wrong!

  3. Emerson Made is great! I have a dress of theirs and its beautiful! So, stop by my blog to see the great reveal: An entire week of giveaways!!


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