Guest Post: Caitlin of Sacramento Street Shares A Beautiful Treasure

Good morning lovelies! I’m excited to be guest blogging here today while Paloma and Fabian are enjoying a romantic trip to Barcelona (one of my favorite cities in Europe). Enjoy the post!!

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I’ve got a huge crush on this room. I’ve blogged about it, sent it to friends and even printed it for my inspiration board. I rarely fall so deeply in love with a room that I end up obsessing about it day in and day out, but this breathtaking room is one of those rooms.

This airy Mission-style architecture is quite unique, the detailed columns, parquet floor and the design make you feel like you could walk right in and feel like you’re at home. When Sarah Davison moved into the apartment it hadn’t been renovated since the 1920s. When renovating she kept the charm and I’m glad she didn’t touch the columns, one of my favorite parts of this room.

What’s your favorite detail of the room? The beautiful branch in the demijohn bottle? The airy white walls? The beautiful light fixture?

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Caitlin of Sacramento Street Shares A Beautiful Treasure

  1. Its just fantastic when a room captures our exact style! I love the ceiling molding/medallion and I think I adore the chair….just from the arm it looks so sweet!

  2. I remember your blog about this room…and as I mentioned in that post..I truly love the columns. They are an essential piece to this room. The room overall seems effortless; however, these columns takes it to a whole other level…to a level of classic elegance…without the stuffy overdone element.

  3. i love this room, too! that big round mirror? the must-have of the century. and obviously the architecture is just to die for.. not so easy to recreate!

  4. OMG! blogland is getting smaller and smaller. I just found your blog via Camilla’s blog and now I come here to Paloma’s blog and here you are!! I Love blogland!!

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