Domino is back!!

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I am elated to share the news that our beloved Domino Magazine is back! Though it won’t be in the way we may have all hoped, I just heard through ShelterPop that has acquired all of Domino’s archives and they will all be available online! What do you think? Is it better to have Domino back in some capacity or should they have just let it rest?

34 thoughts on “Domino is back!!

  1. That’s not the grand revival I was envisioning. It’s hard to even find on Such a lack of presence for an inspiring publication. Will probably just stick to Lonny mag and NY Time’s The Moment contributor, Rita Konig – for my Domino dose 🙂

  2. Perfect for those (like me) who have apparently been living under a rock for the last few years…and not as familiar as the rest of blogland with Domino as they’d like to (or should) be:).

  3. ohhh i dunno about this .. if it’s just the OLD stuff – what’s the sensE? – they already put out a book of all the “best” stuff – and u can pretty much google all the old stuff – sure there are prob some treasures i missed – but if it’s NOT gonna be all new stuff, then i dunno – let Lonny have it’s shot!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. It’s a great resource, I hated selling my collection. On the whole it’s time to move forward though, Lonny is the wave of the future!!

  5. I think it’s great…to have Domino back in this capacity…So, I’m wondering…does this mean we will have access to all Domino archives? But, as most know, domino images (at least some) are easily accessible on most search engines.

  6. I’ll take it! I love flipping through the pages of actual magazines but also enjoy browsing the images online. They are also easier to save on your computer that way. …And I love “be nice, anonymous!” ha!

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