I’ve loved you so long…

Pondicherry Headboard with Nailheads

Can I just say how much I love Serena and Lily’s gorgeous Pondicherry headboard? It is absolutely perfect in my eyes! It is classic and elegant, yet completely dramatic. I have searched high and low for for a similar, more inexpensive version, but nothing comes close. Sure, there are plenty of lovely upholstered headboards out there, but none make the same statement that the gorgeous Pondicherry does.

Pondicherry Headboard with Nailheads

Isn’t it fabulous? You can choose from several solid or patterned fabrics for a customized look. Personally, I think I’d opt for a solid, neutral fabric in order to let the lines of the headboard do the talking!

16 thoughts on “I’ve loved you so long…

  1. Paloma I love it!! You could have a custom piece cut and upholstered in a similar design!

    I have a giveaway as well if it is okay to announce. Come join in!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love the headboard! And I know A LOT of us are on budgets and I am for sure one who loves a great find/deal and wanted to share my latest find! Go to Target.com and search “Seville Tufted Headboard”, “Uptown Headboard”, and “Blanc de Blanc” and you will find some nice headboards for great prices. Bought the Seville and will let you know how it turns out (I got free shipping and 15% off!) LOVE the blog!

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