10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Shannon of Pink Wallpaper

pink wallpaper
I am so excited to feature the lovely Shannon Darby of Pink Wallpaper in today’s “10 Things” post. I absolutely love her taste and her beautiful blog is one of my favorite reads. Shannon also has a second blog, The Designer’s Attic on which she features designer fabrics and accessories at bargain prices. I can identify with her entire list and I am sure  that you will, too! Shannon’s second baby is due any day now, so be sure to keep her in your thoughts!
1. a perfect morning…..
drinking DD coffee, checking emails, reading blogs, and listening to pandora.

2. being girly…..
perfect outfit, good hair day, new lip gloss, just enough bronzer, fresh pedi, and your favorite sunglasses.

3. a beautiful summer day….
by the pool or at the beach sipping a la croix (a must if you haven’t tried it) and watching my daughter play.

4. a hot bubble bath…
relaxing w/ a magazine that just arrived in the mailbox.

5. my favorite jeans….
hot out of the dryer, after a couple of good squats 🙂

6.. date night…
anywhere with my husband and a bottle of wine.

7. my favorite foods…
fresh homemade guacamole or any dessert.

8. thrift shopping….
and scoring "the perfect find" that someone else assumed was junk.

9. interior design/ blogs…
without that in my life, i would be lost….i get inspired daily.

10. family time…..
it means everything to me…whether it’s making pancakes or playing princess bingo, i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

24 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Shannon of Pink Wallpaper

  1. “Feeling Girly” THAT is what I have been forgetting to do lately. So true, immediately funk-busting to feel polished up and pulled together, as soon as I soak my hands in Lye to get this paint from under my nails, that is going to be a new daily or at least weekly goal of mine! Love her and this list!

  2. Can you please ID where the moustache mugs and the poster with the words ‘Let us lay in the sun…” are from? I love those.

  3. Thanks again for asking me to be a part of your series…it was a lot of fun! I am trying to figure out where I got that mug pic from…..yikes I hate when I forget to label them…the other pics should have the info if you click on them.

  4. Paloma,
    This was fun getting to know one of my favs a bit better!

    Your #1 is idential to mine I think…DD w/cream? and I’m wondering if we have any of the same Pandora settings?

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