10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Melissa of Reverie Daydream

Melissa of Reverie Daydream frequently blogs about the dreamiest things, naturally. From travel to art to her adorable little girl, her beautiful blog is filled with the most glorious images and touching personal anecdotes. I was smitten on my very first visit nearly a year ago. Melissa also owns a wonderful boutique by the same name. Today, she shares her inspiring “10 Things” list with us.


~ Nature ~ and all its splendid glory.


~ Books ~  transport me to so many places, time periods, and cultures while teaching me I have so much to learn.


~ Yoga ~  grounds me and physically strengthens my being.


~ Bed ~ soft, fluffy, freshly-scented linens atop a comfortable (never wish to leave) bed.


~ Fresh Organic Food ~  because I truly am what I eat.


 ~ The Beach ~  soothes my soul.


 ~ Dreams ~  are the foundation of what I am and hope to become.


 ~ Art ~  the forever existing beauty I cherish and long for daily.


 ~ Travel ~  ignites the gypsy fire within.


 ~ Love ~  is the essence of my existence….the reason I smile and am filled with sheer bliss every. single. day.


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34 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Melissa of Reverie Daydream

  1. Thanks for sharing…I too can’t live without books (love the bookmarkers here…tres chic), art, and my bed …love love the comfort and warmth of my bed.

  2. Awe!! I adore Mel, she is such a sweet girl with a gentle soul and an eye for all that is lovely. I pretty much love all the ten she lists….lovely idea for post and lovley blog Girlie.

  3. i am with gigi all the way …
    melissa is one of those souls who simply
    makes your heart smile … freely and with grace …

    thank you for sharing her here
    in your lovely spot, paloma … 🙂


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