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I know that many of you are hooked on Bravo’s new show, 9 by Design which follows the amazing Cortney and Bob Novogratz of SIXX Design along with their seven beautiful children. The show is really awe-inspiring, not just for the Cortney’s and Bobs incredible design talent and vision, but for their ability to balance their work and family so well.


Family is obviously of the utmost importance to this clan, so tonight’s episode is very special to them and will feature two causes that are near and dear to their hearts. Tonight’s episode “features two fundraising events that are very important to the Novogratz’s. The first is an event that was held at the Novogratz’s home for Jasmina Anema. Jasmina was a ‘spunky 6- year-old’ who lost her battle with Leukemia this past January. Jasmina was a very close friend of the Novogratz family. The Novogratzes would like to help spread Jasmina and Thea’s (Jasmina’s mother) message “to raise leukemia awareness and make people more aware of the need to register to become a bone marrow donor.”

The second event featured on the episode is a benefit for “The City”, an organization that Robert helped create. It is comprised of young athletes from all over New York City. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise money to keep the program running and to start a scholarship fund for high school for the majority of the kids who are of need on the team. Of course, there is sure to be tons of great design on the episode as well! 9 by Design airs tonight at 10/9 pm central on Bravo.

14 thoughts on “Please Tune In Tonight!

  1. This family has the most amazing values of any other family on TV. When Breaker made the sign of the cross before going to sleep a few episodes ago, I melted and instantly thought “What awesome parents.” With as busy as they are, they still help others and do right by their kids. Love that. Love them. Love their art collection!

    ps- doug is a registered bone marrow donor.

  2. PS. I love this show – I first got hooked to it on the last episode and have been looking at snippets online. They are an awesome couple with great designs. I will certainly be watching…

  3. Thanks for that info, Paloma. That’s really heartwarming – what an impressive bunch!

    I blogged about the show earlier today, but more my (humble but honest!) critique of their west side home apartment – didn’t know about this. I will go back and update!


  4. I am definitely hooked on this show. And I can’t help every time I watch looking at what Bob is wearing. Seriously. I’d be cracking up if my husband wore some of the things Bob pulls off so well.

    And yes, IMHO if you don’t give back it is all for nill.

  5. I really adore this family, and what a great cause! I am a pediatric intensive care nurse and the things these poor children with cancer go through is just brutal, it is so hard on them and their families – anything that can be done to better their chance for survival is just amazing.

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