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Have you all seen BoBo Intriguing Objects’ showroom at High Point? It was housed in the old High Point jail, which is quite fitting for the eclectic brand. I love that they chose an historic local site for their showroom. While I am not one to decorate solely with vintage industrial pieces, I certainly think it is fun to incorporate a few things here and there. My husband loves this look and is naturally intrigued by the provenance of such finds.

{Isn’t this mirror amazing? I have been on the hunt for something like this, but am yet to find something that isn’t outrageously expensive.}

{Another Fabulous Mirror: I’ve never seen a frame quite like this one.}

{How fun are those big Champagne bottles?}

{These pieces have a softer quality to them. I wonder if the clock is just resting on top of the secretary or if it is all one piece.}


Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

9 thoughts on “BoBo Intriguing Objects

  1. Looks like the clock is an old Swedish Mora Clock. Mora turned into a clock making village when the harvests turned bad during the 19th century. It lasted about 100 years before other countries became more advanced in their clocks and Mora stopped making them. The top of the clock (which looks like it is resting on the secretary) is very typical in style, however, sometimes the local woodworkers did custom pieces and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually the full piece – clock and secretary in one!

  2. Amazingly enough, you can find mirrors like this and have them custom made for you by Darrel Davenport,

    Judith McClellan and her son Darrel travel to Europe and bring lots of frames back and he is a wizard at making them in his studio on 34th Street off Shepherd.

    They will also have a booth at the Urban Market Houston on May 8-9.

    Say hello to them for me. They have fabulous goods.


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