10 Things I Can’t Live Without: This is Glamorous

{this is glamorous}

Today’s “10 Things” guest blogger doesn’t need an introduction as she seems to be a favorite of most blog readers. Roseline Lohr of This is Glamorous creates some of the most thoughtful and visually stunning posts in the blogosphere. The press has definitely taken notice of this blogger’s enormous talent as she was recently featured in Lucky Magazine.

ldv-gp-cupcakes3[2] {celebrations}
. . . whether a new pair of shoes or a new career, a lovely blog comment or a magazine feature, life is short and sweet and every moment — however small or grand-scale — is worth celebrating.

ldv-gp-romantic[1] {pretty, girly things}
. . . smokey eyes and upswept hair, diamonds, pearls, and fluttering eyelashes, pink and lace and ruffles — have always adored these and all wonderfully feminine and perfectly romantic things . . .

ldv-gp-memories[2] {memories}
. . . film tickets from late-summer nights, champagne corks and boarding passes, hazy photographs and beautiful love letters — always keep small remembrances and nearly always a camera on hand to capture life’s many beautiful moments . . .

ldv-gp-ocean[1] {seaside dreams}
. . . there is nothing quite like the intoxicating lull of crashing, crashing waves and soft, sandy shores on sunlit afternoons to fill the world with endless possibilities . . .

ldv-gp-paris[1] {traveling}
. . . whether a weekend away or a week in paris, beautiful adventures in far-off places is one of life’s loveliest things . . .

ldv-gp-dresser[1] {everyday luxuries}
. . . a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers or a glass of vintage champagne, a perfectly scented candle or a new pair of heels — everyday luxuries add a little elegance to busy, busy days . . .

ldv-gp-sparklingthings[1]{glittering things}
. . . sequins and lucite, gold and glass, mirrors and chandeliers — glittering things have the wonderful affect of transforming anything into pure glamour . . .

. . . adore all the seasons, but a summer girl at heart — butterflies and fireflies, and late afternoon gardens, picnics and sultry evening breezes — there’s nothing quite like summertime . . .

ldv-gp-chandeliers[2] {hopes & dreams}
. . . fairytales and daydreams, and most of all, happily ever after are the things that make the world go round . . .

ldv-gp-love[1] {love, love, love}
. . . because there is nothing quite like coming home at the end of a hectic day to the warmth and wonder of love

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30 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without: This is Glamorous

  1. Totally agree about the talent and chic of ‘This is glamorous’ blog! Every day I get in my Reader posts from there and every time it’s like the first time – can’t get tired of cherishing every single glamorous picture! And this post is another proof! xo

  2. What a wonderful collaboration of two amazing blogs, yours and Roseline’s, who never ceases to take my breath away with her stunning posts like this one.

    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration this morning.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. This is blog is fantastic, and I m a big fan from Norway!! But I really can`t get it clear… what is what?? Does she have more than one blog, one for fashion, one for interior and one for…? I can`t get it clear?? Help me!
    And does she take all the pictures here self?
    Keep up the goow rok”

  4. I LOVE {this is glamorous}, and this post did not fail to please!! The images are so pretty, and I share many of Roseline’s top 10 things. I love that she said pretty girly things, it’s nice to be reminded not to take for granted how fun it is to be a girl! Thanks Roseline!!
    Nancy xo

  5. I told you before and I will sayit again. You never cease to inspire me.

    I will always be a reader and an admirer of your writing and your blog. 🙂 xo

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