Fabulous Room Friday 04.23.10

Elle Decor Ellen Pompeophoto by Tim Street-Porter

This week, I am in love with Ellen Pompeo’s kitchen, which is featured in the May issue of ELLE DECOR. The lack of traditional built-in cabinetry has me swooning. It all looks very European, non? The flooring is rustic and beautiful and I love the graphic quality that the striped rug and black and white photograph bring to the room. I could picture myself cooking something wonderful for my friends and family in this gorgeous kitchen.

Could you live with an organic kitchen design such as this? Do you prefer something a bit more traditional?


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Image Credit: Tim Street Porter for ELLE DECOR

14 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 04.23.10

  1. It looks fabulous, but it has to be terribly inconvenient! What an awful place for the fridge, maybe if it opened the other way, just looks frustrating to me!

  2. I love the look, but practically speaking you have to have a large kitchen for this type of storage…most kitchens are to small to have such open storage…we need every inch to be practical and hold a lot! But love the look!

  3. Love this non-traditional kitchen. I could live with the open cabinetry…it would give me more excuses to buy the most beautiful and interesting objects to put on the shelves!

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