6 thoughts on “This Week’s Quote

  1. Paloma, I love this. I have written this in a book of the dearest of my dearest. A true motto, this will be my quote of the week on Friday, watch for some linky love!
    Simply love this dahlin, thank you for bringing it to me.

  2. I love this quote, it is such an important thing to remember!! It is so easy to visit each other’s blogs and drool and lust over so many beautiful things, but we have to remember to be happy with what we have!

  3. So true, to appreciate the things I now have and try and recall how desperately I wanted them before…

    What a way to begin the week!

  4. Great way to look at life! This is right on with the homily I heard yesterday, but this makes so much more sense to me. Thanks!


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