Guess who’s back tonight? XOXO

Gossip Girl finally returns tonight after a much-too-long absence! Be sure to tune in tonight for the fashion and the shenaningans.

{I’ve missed these two.}


Then, remember to tune in to Kell on Earth on Bravo after Gossip Girl! So far, I am really enjoying this show.

And speaking of fashion-related reality shows, is anyone planning to tune in to Tinsley Mortimer’s new reality show, High Society on Wednesday?


Image Credit: The CW

21 thoughts on “Guess who’s back tonight? XOXO

  1. YES!! Probably looking a little too forward to a TV program but that’s ok. It’s GOSSIP GIRL. I’m allowed to obsess right?


  2. Thanks for the heads up about GG. It’s one of my only tv indulgences and I’ve missed it for the past few weeks. Been watching and deleting my recorded reruns.

  3. Just watched GG. Is no one else finding serenas entire life/personality unbelievable?

    Aside from Blair & Chuck the show is a wasteland…

    Going to watch Kell on Earth, and also House.

    Btw, what did you think of Big Love. We all need to discuss… I want Bill & Barb to get Divorced, Margene to leave them and become a polygamist with Anna and her dude and for Nikki to become Bill’s only wife. What do you think?

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