I left my heart in…

I am currently loving these gorgeous laser cut-outs by London-based artist, Julene Harrison. Whether you have a fancy house in London town, love Paris in the spring time or if the streets make you feel brand new, chances are these prints will inspire you. Did you catch the three songs I weaved into that last run-on? Seeing as how I love all three cities so, SO much, it is impossible to pick a favorite! Of New York, Paris, and London, which city is your favorite?

City Series no.2 - New York City

City Series no.3 - Paris

City Series no.1 - LONDON

18 thoughts on “I left my heart in…

  1. A series of these would look so cute! All in vibrant colors. I could totally see this in a kids room too for something a little different.


  2. I love these…I wish she made them for Chicago! I think New York would have to be my favorite…Although Pete and I are visiting London for spring break, I haven’t been in FOREVER, maybe that will become my new #1

  3. way too hard to pick! i’m studying near paris now so my heart is quite literally here, but my boyfriend is loving in london so i suppose part of my heart is there, and my family and i outside new york so really my heart belongs to all three of these cities! gorgeous work and great post — loved the song references!

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