Fabulous Room Friday 02.26.10

{Violán and his dog, Bosco share a moment on a chair of his own design.The gorgeous turquoise anemone lamps from Holland are to die for! The chandeliers are by Paco Rabanne.}

Today’s fabulous room is the amazing living room (part of a larger studio space) of the visionary Spanish designer, Lázaro Rosa Violán of Barcelona. In keeping with Violán’s design aesthetic, the space is eclectic, filled with vintage finds and striking modern touches. The live/work building was once a cotton factory and now serves as Violán’s home and studio for his design business. As if the amazing architecture weren’t enough, Violán makes the space all the more fabulous with an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. I love the touches of turquoise and coral as well as the touch of glamour provided by gold accents.

{The white leather Chesterfield sofa was designed by Violán and is produced by his company, Contemporain Studio. The fabulous armchair was originally created for one of his projects, the Hotel Pulitzer in Rome.}

{ Black Lacquered Table and Lamp by Contemporain Studio, Sculpture by Henry Moore, Drawing by S. Lewitt}

{A 19th Century French Fireplace is Flanked by Industrial-style sculptures by Timor and Turquoise-Glazed Porcelain Stools}


We are beyond excited to stay at the Violán-designed Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona this summer. It will be such a treat to see this amazing designer’s work in person.

Image Credit: Nuevo Estilo

22 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 02.26.10

  1. What a fabulous space!! i love everything spanish (having spent a great deal of my summers there) the food, the wine (and i am from Bordeaux) music, flamengo,art…the works of Chi Llida, Miro, Tapies….you are going to have such a blast when in Barcelona.

  2. El trabajo de Lázaro Rosa-Violán es realmente fabuloso.
    A nosotras nos tiene maravilladas, es genial, elegante y sobrio a la vez.

    Tu blog es magnífico!!
    Saludos desde España,


  3. Violán’s design aesthetic is just world class !!

    I love the color combination white and turquoise .I can’t help to link them to Mediterranean sea.

    Your blog is amazing!!.
    Greetings from Spain 😀

  4. Hi Paloma~
    I love your site! I just booked a room at Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona for July when my husband and I are visiting. Thanks for the great info on the hotel a few weeks back. I noted on my reservation that I heard about it from your blog, so maybe they will give you a free night or two for all the publicity they are getting 😉 Take care and enjoy your trip!

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