Fabulous Room Friday 02.12.10

betsey burnham5

This bohemian beauty was featured in the third issue of Lonny, which just came out on Wednesday. The living room was designed by Betsey Burnham and her team and belongs to her clients, The Andersons. I love the architectural details of the home and find that the eclectic accessories complement it perfectly.

betsey burnham 4

A fabulous Hermes tray (remember Olivia Palermo’s?) sits atop a zebrawood table. I love the colors in the room and who doesn’t love a huge bouquet of white hydrangeas?betsey burnham6 The use of neutral furnishings plays upon the airy quality of the house.

betsey burnham3

Ethnic fabrics in Ikat and Suzani patterns and the Turkish rug lend color and a bohemian feel to the room.

betsey burnham2

Image Credit: Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine


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17 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 02.12.10

  1. I absolutely adore the tribal, geometric and vibrant colored rug – especially in its place under a gorgeous textured wood coffee table.

    This room is a pleasure to flip through, but there is one jarring thing that makes it a bit too personal for me. The large photo of a putto (their child?) in a loose contrapposto is too Baroque for the space. Despite the fact that the photographic medium is modern, it just seems to confuse the overall design.

    Granted this may be a personal touch for the owners, which is fine. My comment should only be reviewed in the design context.

    What do you think? Did I see this wrong?

  2. One of these days I will own a Hermes tray! I’ve seen them a few times and get pea green jealous everytime I see it! I love Lonny but I wish it was an actual magazine, I understand the digital aspect of it but I still like the real magazine concept!

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