Fabulous Room Friday 12.18.09

Director, Nancy Meyer’s movie sets always cause a stir with interior design lovers. First, there was Something’s Gotta Give, then came The Holiday, and now we have It’s Complicated. The protagonist, played by Meryl Streep lives in a gorgeous home in Santa Barbara that is the embodiment of chic, laidback, California elegance.
The set was designed by Jon Hutman who captures the California look so perfectly. The kitchen in Meryl’s character’s home is sure to inspire many blog posts and many kitchen remodels. Her character owns a bakery and this really feels like the kitchen of someone who actually cooks! It just looks like the kind of kitchen in which fresh, delicious, seasonal food is made. The open shelving, hanging pots, pendant lighting, and floating marble island make the room feel so charming. I can’t wait to see this hilarious movie and more of the gorgeous set, especially this kitchen!
complicated cathy2
complicated cathy

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Image Credits: The Washington Post and Cinema Style

13 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 12.18.09

  1. This kitchen looks so homey and comfy. Love the island, you can just imagine people gathered around – eating and laughing, which is what you want with a kitchen (at least I do!)

    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  2. What is it about seeing a kitchen teeming with used pots, homecooked food, and happy people sitting around a table? I LOVE the feeling that comes from good food and good company…a room that truly is the heart of the home. What a charming kitchen!

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