Fabulous Room Friday: 12.04.09

This week’s fabulous room is the living room belonging to Atlanta-based interior designer, Jill Sharp Brinson who also happens to be the creative director for Ballard Designs. Brinson and her husband, Rob renovated their 1936 cottage into the gorgeous space you see today, complete with exposed wooden beams and steel bookshelves. Her use of textiles and patterns no doubt, warms up the space tremendously.

{I think I am in love with these sconces!}

Brinson mixes several styles in her home: country, industrial, and even Moroccan which blend together beautifully! This seating area currently features a Moroccan tapestry, a French industrial table, and those gorgeous sconces. However, Brinson says she constantly changes the look of the space by experimenting with new lampshades, textiles, and accessories.


Happy Friday! It’s “snowing” here in Houston. So far, it’s mainly just little flurries, but we’ll take it! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and be sure to check back on Monday for a new giveaway!

Image Credit: Simon Upton for House Beautiful

14 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday: 12.04.09

  1. i can’t believe you have snow!!!

    love this room and her effortless mix of styles. just such imperfect perfection- my favorite kind!!

    have a great weekend & thank you so much for everything this week!!

  2. I was looking through that magazine while taking a bath last night and I thought that room was so beautiful. I loved reading the interview too. Made the room even more special.

  3. So funny, the snow has been coming down thick and snowy all day here and not to stop until tomorrow afternoon…many flights out of Calgary Airport have been delayed or cancelled, the funny part to me is that they interviewed a gentlemen on the news this evening that said he was heading to Houston but his flight was cancelled earlier this morning because of your snow storm…I found it funny I new about your storm before I read your blog…
    Love the upstairs library, such an elegant livingroom with a wicked cool lamp…

  4. I LOVE this. So pretty..and those stairs and that bookcase and the pink! I’m from Houston, living in Austria, and I couldn’t believe it was snowing there and hasn’t really here. I saw a billion pictures on facebook! So fun.

  5. We arrived Home from Brazil on Saturday, and one of the first things I did was sit down by a raging fire with the new HB – as my mother had already received her copy. I was equally enticed with this spread, ESPECIALLY all the steel-frame windows in this home – Uh-MA-zing!!

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