Sleek and Chic: Hotel Abalú


facade  {Hotel Abalú}

I recently came across the Hotel Abalú, a former hostel turned tiny boutique hotel in the heart of Madrid. Located just off the Gran Vía, its location is pretty ideal. I love that each room is decorated differently. Some are muted and dressed in neutral palettes while others veer on the quirky side. Each guestroom is stylish, but maintains a sort of homespun vibe (think Anthropologie meets Flea Market Chic). To me, staying at the Hotel Abalú would be like staying in a very stylish friend’s guestroom for a few nights.


Reception Area


Cool, Vintage Chairs in the Lobby

beauty bar

Beauty Bar Restaurant and Lounge


Of course, I love the Imperial Trellis in this room!


They seriously chose the coolest mirrors for this hotel. This one is so different from most of the starbursts I’ve seen.


I could certainly do without the “mood lighting”, but I think the rest of this room is great.


A soothing, neutral palette mixed with iconic chairs makes for a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.




More fabulous mirrors!


How cool is this headboard? It just so happens to be in my color du jour, peacock blue, too.


Masculine Touches


I love the vintage telephone in this room.


Another room with several great touches


I love the gorgeous venetian mirror in this bathroom.


There are so many fun accessories in this room!


Image Credits: Hotel Abalú and Tablet Hotels

16 thoughts on “Sleek and Chic: Hotel Abalú

  1. TAKE ME THERE!!!!!!!!

    I’m kind of glad that I saw this because I love it but kind of sad that I’ve seen because now it’s burned in to my mine & I won’t be there any time soon!!!


  2. I feel like I should like this, but somehow it just misses for me — maybe it’s just trying too hard? It hits just about every major trend right now: Venetian mirrors, wallpaper (esp. textured), peacock blue, etc.

  3. Averill, I think this hotel toes the line between tacky and fabulous, but there are so many great elements that I think I would enjoy a stay there. I like that it has personality, though some areas may be a little over the top. 🙂

  4. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the hotel – beds were very comfotable and the staff extremely helpful and friendly. However the basin in our room had the tap too far from the basin so whenever you turned the water on it went everywhere. Also we would have prefered to have more of a separate bathroom – not too keen having it incorporated into the bedroom! Also the room could have been cleaner – there were large foorprints from dirty shoes on the floor which were there when we arrived and were still there when we left! Loved all the decor though and would come and stay again! Thank you!


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