Fabulous Room Friday 11.20.09

This week’s fabulous room comes from my image archives. I spent most of the week and the greater part of yesterday afternoon trying to find a new space to feature this week. Much to my dismay, I kept coming up empty-handed. It’s not that I wasn’t coming across any beautiful spaces, but none of them were really speaking to me. Perhaps I didn’t have a specific vision of what I was searching for.

Today, it is cool and rainy in Houston and all I am craving is some comfort. Once I registered this sentiment, Deborah Needleman’s Tribeca living room immediately came to mind. It is a warm, well-defined space that would be perfect on a day like today. In true Domino style, she mixes a variety of styles, like a Lucite coffee table and French-inspired chairs. I love the palette she used in this space. It is mostly neutral, but is punctuated with a few beautiful colors, like the olive green console, the graphite chairs, and pink throw pillows. All in all, it seems like the perfect place to spend a lazy day or to gather with friends.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Image Credit: Melanie Acevedo for New York Magazine

11 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 11.20.09

  1. Makes me miss domino all the more! And with weather like this, I’m definitely in need of cozy/comfortable spaces (and honestly, my sterile office at work just isn’t cutting it!).

  2. I love the room. The sofa in the image looks just like mine, I wonder if it is the same. You can see it on my Living room before and after. Anyway, I was considering getting a transparent coffee table also. There is much inspiration here for me!


  3. Love the room too! yes, the neutral scheme really does it for me, also the blend of styles – very liveable – gorgeous!!
    PS. seems Friday was raining everywhere – we had a very rainy and cold “summer” day here in Johannesburg!

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