Modern Madrid: Hotel Selenza

Next July will mark our fifth wedding anniversary and Fabian and I plan to take another big trip to celebrate. As you know by now, we both fell completely in love with London when we visited a couple of months ago and have been itching to go back ever since. However, I have also been dying to go back to Spain with Fabian since I visited in the summer of 2008. We will most likely combine the best of both worlds and pay a visit to both London and Madrid. I know it’s still pretty early to be planning a trip, but I have already started looking into flights and hotels. Earlier this week, I came across the new Hotel Selenza in Madrid and I had to share it with my fellow design-lovers!

The hotel is filled with thoughtful details and modern touches. The hotel’s design was carried out by the Italian architectural firm, Aplomo. The hotel’s dining room features pretty moldings by Lovitex, Zeppelin pendants by Flos, and a giant Venetian-mirrored ceiling. The clean lines of the furniture work perfectly with all of the flourishes in the room.

This part of the lobby, along with many of the common areas, features beautiful Sicis tile with a pattern designed by Aplomo. The Skygarden light fixtures are from Flos and the beautiful three-dimensional mural is the work of artist, Javier Madrid.

The guest rooms are sleek and modern and feature touches like whimsical Lucite chairs from Aitali and wallcoverings by Evans and Brown.

The ensuite bathrooms feature the same thoughtful, modern touches that can be found in the rest of the hotel. I love the mosaic tile, modern sink, Molton Brown toiletries, and the fabulous tub!

19 thoughts on “Modern Madrid: Hotel Selenza

  1. absolutely breathtaking. I’m just… amazed. Sometimes I’m almost afraid to stay somewhere so beautiful, as I would never want to leave the room and actually enjoy the locale I’m visiting!

  2. Truly gorgeous!

    And I don’t think it’s too early to start planning a trip for next summer AT ALL, especially one that big (and I would definitely vote for a split between London and Spain!). Dave and I are thinking about taking a trip back to London ourselves (and then on to Scotland) next May and I’m itching to start planning it myself.

  3. I adore it! Each and every detail, it is so European. You just don’t find this type of design mixture here. I think most American hotels are just too planned out – this just seems so spontaneous and therefore utterly delightful!

  4. I’m actually heading for the airport on my way to Madrid right now. I’ll have to check this hotel out while I’m there. Perfect that I read your post before takeoff. It’s NOT to early to plan your trip. I started planning about a year ago.


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