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My husband and I picked up a stomach bug this weekend and both spent yesterday feeling miserable. I think I may have gotten a total of two hours of sleep last night because I couldn’t keep anything down. To say that I feel miserable this morning would be an understatement. I just had a scrumptious breakfast made up of a piece of dry toast and a Sprite over ice and I’m crossing my fingers to be able to keep it down. Needless to say, I probably won’t be doing another post today, but be sure to check in tomorrow when Eddie Ross officially kicks off the new “Ten Things I Can’t Live Without” series. Have a great Monday!

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Quote

  1. Good girl!

    ..take the time to take good care of you and yours.

    “Kill it with a Skillet”..
    Wellness Shot: fresh, ginger, fresh lemon juice, honey, and if you are willing fresh garlic in a shot glass. Chase it with warm water.

    Be well.

  2. Feel better!! I haven’t been feeling well either and am home from work today…. So much sickness going around… fingers crossed I am not getting sick.

  3. Yuck. No fun at all. I hope you feel better soon! The good thing about most stomach bugs is that they pass quickly (albeit painfully).

    There seems to be SO many bugs/viruses/flus going around this fall here in Houston. It’s been nuts.

  4. I love this thought of the day! To be positive breeds positive in others! If we all could focus on positive thoughts we would come out of this difficult time more quickly. With that said, think positive and feel better soon!

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