Lonny is Finally Here!

It’s finally here! Today marks the debut of the highly anticipated Lonny Magazine, brainchild of Rubie Green fabric designer, Michelle Adams and the incredibly talented photographer, Patrick Cline. Let me tell you, in about 30 seconds I had a new favorite magazine! It is even better than I had hoped. The aesthetic is so fresh and it really fills a huge void that has been sitting in the market for some time now. The premiere issue features spreads on the homes of former Domino Magazine Senior Market Editor, Kate Townsend Simpson (featured on the cover with daughter, Elle), Eddie Ross and partner Jaithan Kolchar, Ron Marvin, Carolina Irving, and design*sponge’s Grace Bonney.

I don’t want to go and on about it because I really think that you should experience it for yourself. I love that Lonny is an online magazine because as much as I love pouring over the glossy pages of my favorite publications, I end up with stacks of magazines at the end of each month and don’t really have the room to store them anymore. I think Michelle and Patrick are really on to something with this concept and their premiere issue knocks it out of the park. Lonny is visually stunning and is filled with incredibly inspiring content. Here’s a sneak peek:

Kate Townsend Simpson’s Gorgeous Home

The Country Chic Abode of Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kolchar

All images by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine

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15 thoughts on “Lonny is Finally Here!

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to have a new source for inspiration (and blog photos!).

    I always thought domino should’ve just been made an online mag instead of scrapped altogether but Lonny looks like a fitting successor!

  2. I looked it over excitedly last night and now am back to reading it over a little more thoroughly! Lots of great inspiration! Looks like Kate’s home was one of your favorites too! ūüôā

  3. I totally agree with you. It sounds very backwards, I love that it’s online! Nothing beats a glossy magazine, but like you, I just don’t have the room anymore and end up storing/scanning everything electronically anyway, right?

    Love Lonny. Thank you, design gods!

  4. Always glad to see a shelter pub come as opposed to going….I can see, tho, that I need to be more patient. The pages seem to take a little while to load. Of course, I admit, that right now I just wanted to skip through quickly — just to see. Thanks for the introduction. cheers -s

  5. Wow – it’s 195 pages! I whipped through it so fast that I didn’t even realize it.

    I loved it. Especially that masculine city pad that Ron Marvin did for his friend. Amazing space – loved that dark blue bedroom with warm wood accents. Loved the whole thing.

    And I just loved the other spreads too. So fresh and fun. It looks like Domino and Blueprint gave birth. I can’t wait for more.

    I do wish I could get it in a slightly different format. I don’t think having it presented like a magazine layout really helps. I wish they’d add a hover feature that shows the details for the items they link to, like price, and where to buy.

    I think they could use a really good usability designer (me!) to help them make it even more accessible to people beyond just making it look like a magazine with flipping pages. They can really do something great here with technology – they have to go beyond the basics though.

    Great start. I’m a fan.

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