Currently Loving: Lindsey Coral Harper’s Apartment

The apartment of interior designer, Lindsey Coral Harper may be small in size, but it is rich in opulent details, bold colors, and eye-catching textures. Originally from Georgia, Harper blends her Southern Sensibility with eclectic influences from her travels. I have seen a picture of an adorable vignette in her bathroom numerous times, and after stumbling upon it again recently on StyleBeat, I decided to delve a little deeper to find more of her work. Lo and behold, I discovered that I was in love with her entire apartment!

I adore the small-scale zebra stripe wallpaper Harper used in her foyer. This vignette certainly gives you a taste of what’s to come.

Harper’s living room hosts a plethora of lively colors, patterns, and textures.

The glossy table featured in Harper’s living room is part of the furniture line she designs with her friend, Maggie Currey.

I love this little vignette! Everything is fabulous, from the blue bamboo chairs, to the inspiration board, to the little chrome bar cart stocked with fresh lemons and limes.

Talk about a dreamy bedroom! The combination of the whimsical upholstered headboard, crisp linens, and vintage Suzani are sheer perfection.

A vintage chest, thrift-store painting, and a beautiful peacock-blue ceramic lamp add more layers of interest to Harper’s beautiful bedroom.

How fabulous is this little python-print table in Harper’s bathroom? The table along with the feminine accessories, red old-school phone, monogrammed towels, and broad-stripe shower curtain make for the perfect girly bathroom.

25 thoughts on “Currently Loving: Lindsey Coral Harper’s Apartment

  1. Very eclectic! It’s so nice to see a bit of funky in people’s home. It seems at times some people are a afraid to branch out. Not in this apartment though!

  2. I adore Lindsey’s apartment as well. I love her mixture of styles, & era’s. So much attitude and fun. The python table to the mini-zebra print on the walls, to the bamboo end-table. I am impressed how she has a mirrored wall, I love them. Often see homeowners/designers while renovating, give them a toss. Thank you for sharing this lovely home.

  3. I was so drawn to that small scale zebra stripe wallpaper! The color of the lacquer coffee table is so different, along with the color of the blue bamboo chairs! Still can not get over that wallpaper…Thank you for the post!

  4. Oh my! Her apartment is my life visualized! So busy, so crazy, so hectic, so colorful! I love it, but I could never liver there; I would never calm down!

    I do, however, absolutely heart the blue velvet sofa, the chrome bar, the street girls and sailors sign I can’t quite read (anyone know what it says?), and the glossy coffee table. I would love to pull them all out into a more peaceful setting.

    As always, Paloma, you find and share the most interesting things.

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