Mad for Don & Betty Draper

I am loving the spread of Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and January Jones, otherwise known as Mad Men’s Don and Bett Draper in the new issue of Vanity Fair. The pair were shot in character by Annie Leibovitz in the Bahamas. I cannot wait for the third season to start on August 16th. If you aren’t a fan of the show yet, be sure to rent the first two seasons before then so that you can catch up. I promise you’ll be hooked! The set and costume design are amazing and the writing is downright phenomenal.

17 thoughts on “Mad for Don & Betty Draper

  1. I LOVE this show! I am a sucker for period pieces and behind the scenes stuff. And for men dressing like men and not teenagers… Well, and Don Draper, but that’s another post.
    WOHOO — can’t wait for next weekend!!

  2. They are such a gorgeously unhappy couple aren’t they? I LOVE Mad Men and now am dying to get my hands on the new VF. Thanks!


  3. I can never get enough of Mad Men. I was disappointed to see “Bobby Barret” on the red carpet for season three’s premiere, I so don’t like her with Don.

  4. For someone who rarely watches TV, I must say I am such a fan of this show. The fashion and sets are TDF. And strange as this may sound, my hub is an even bigger fan. I think he has a man-crush on Don Draper. Personally, I think January Jones is flawless.

    Great post ūüôā

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