14 thoughts on “I dare you not to smile.

  1. Since The Today Show this morning, I’ve watched this about half a dozen times. I love it. I don’t just smile, I cry. We’re “music people” and we were immediately charmed…this couple incorporated music and dancing in a way no one else seems to have in the past. I can’t help but imagine there are a lot of people out there thinking this would be a very cool couple to be friends with.

    By the way, the entire wedding party will be on The Today Show tomorrow or maybe Monday. I think they’re going to perform. ūüôā

  2. what a fun couple! i seriously teared up when she came down the aisle and he took her arm and they danced the last bit together – they seem just so happy and celebratory and excited. just a what a wedding should be.

    thanks for sharing that.

    p.s. longtime reader, first comment. love your blog!

  3. This video certainly makes me smile! Really what a fun and original entrance for a ceremony– seen (and done) this at a reception, but how much fun that it was the church entrance. Love it! Have a great weekend, Paloma! xo

  4. Jeannine, I had no idea they were on TV. I received the video in an e-mail from a friend. How exciting for them!

    I am so glad that I am not the only sapped who not only laughed, but cried.

    Marisa, thank you so much for your support and for finally leaving a comment. ūüôā

    Courtney, that sounds so fun! We should get together soon. It’s been a long time!

  5. That was great, I got chills. I feel like if Spike Jonze changed careers to become a wedding coordinator, this would be his wedding march. My husband and I go to a ton of weddings (loads of cousins and we never let a goood friend get away) so I can’t wait to see some copycats.

  6. after watching this on my laptop i bring it to my boyfriend at his computer to show him. i tell him “you have to watch this video!” and he goes “i just watched one you will love!” we switch and its the same video!

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