Kitchen of the Year 2009

It’s here! The 2009 Kitchen of the Year was unveiled at Rockefeller Center this morning. It’s beautiful and functional, but haven’t we already seen this kitchen before? Designed by Ina Garten, it is a dead-ringer for the kitchen in her fabulous barn. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Barefoot Contessa and think her taste is impeccable, but I feel as though this year’s kitchen is sort of lacking in the surprise department. I would imagine that most of the people who would be interested in this would be design lovers and foodies, both of whom have most likely already seen Ina’s personal dream kitchen which she designed and had built in her barn. It was also featured in House Beautiful last autumn. I blogged about it here. You be the judge. The Kitchen of the Year is beautiful and quintessentially Ina, but do you wish we’d seen something a little more unexpected?

Tour the kitchen with Ina and Al Roker:

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14 thoughts on “Kitchen of the Year 2009

  1. I like how fresh and clean it looks but I would want the Kitchen of the year to be more innovative. It doesn’t have the element of surprise, its been done before.

  2. I’m with you. As soon as I saw it, I was kind of let down. It’s beautiful and I imagine being able to physically see it is great, but I wish there was something more surprising.

    “Kitchen of the Year” sort of implies that the materials or organization will include some unique, new, or on-the-verge ideas.

  3. yes, it’s a nice kitchen, but it is kind of boring, white cabinets, dark counter…it is timeless, but not all that interesting.

  4. Funny, I saw Ina giving Matt Lauer a tour of this kitchen on the Today Show this morning. While she touted the two dishwashers, dual Viking range, etc, I thought “well of course we’d all love that!” It’s terribly fancy…but not all that innovative considering this kitchen is in every single one of her shows!

  5. A wonderful kitchen, but not very exciting or intriguing as the Kitchen of the Year. I do love the mix of silver pieces mixed into this setting!

  6. I adore Ina’s style — and this kitchen — but is it really “kitchen of the year?” I don’t know. I guess I expected it to be tricked out with the latest and greatest kitchen gadgetry. though that’s not Ina’s style AT ALL.

    and I wished they would have had the space professionally photographed for the story on the Web site! I saw these pictures on a blog yesterday and thought the blogger had taken them. I was shocked when I saw them on the site!

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