Fabulous Room Friday 07.10.09

This week, I am totally loving this gorgeous veranda by Michaela Scherrer. Not only is the architecture of the home itself beautiful (check out the door and arched windows), but the furniture and accessories suit it perfectly. I am not sure where this home is located, but I would imagine it is somewhere in Europe. Both the architecture and aesthetic are very European to me. There is a very relaxed elegance conducive to mornings with an espresso and a good book and evenings with good friends and great wine.

I love this gorgeous arched window as well as the muted color palette on the veranda. The lamp and tulip tables are quite stylish.

An Alternate Look at the Same Area of the Veranda

I normally wouldn’t go for rumpled, wrinkled linens, but I think they kind of work in this room. It’s outdoors, it’s very casual, and is an ideal place for taking a nap.

11 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 07.10.09

  1. What a classic update on a backyard deck. The walls/doors let in maximum amount of light while retaining the airy feel of a courtyard. Great post!

  2. i am absolutely loving this outdoor room… it’s wonderfully comforting.. But I am sooo thrilled to see one of my favorite artists, Dusty Griffith on the wall. I hope you don’t mind me saving this pick and adding it to my post .. let me know if it’s ok..

    As always – great post Paloma

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