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This week featured blogger for “Personal Style, Defined” is the fabulous Anne of The City Sage. Anne’s gorgeous blog features interior design, fashion, and life in one of my favorite cities in the world, San Francisco.
Welcome to my kitchen! Let me give you the grand tour. When we moved into our apartment three months ago, I began work on this room almost immediately. Because we live in a rental my options for sprucing it up were limited, but I simply couldn’t stand the dingy, cramped space that we discovered upon our arrival. My overall goal was to create a clean, neutral backdrop that would respect the original architecture and provide a versatile foundation for creative expression at a later date.

Painting is the fastest and most cost effective way to breathe new life in a space; here we painted every surface except the tile and the floor! A grey and white palette felt like a no-brainer. It’s clean and soothing in a room that gets a lot of traffic. As well, I love the unusual architectural features of the kitchen–the building was constructed in 1926–and the colors highlight those gorgeous arches and moldings without overpowering them. The cupboards and trim are ‘Wedding Veil’, the walls are ‘Sweet Innocence’, and the ceiling is ‘Marilyn’s Dress’, all by Benjamin Moore.

The next item of business was the complete lack of storage space and work surfaces. Open shelving and a butcher’s table from Ikea have been absolute lifesavers in that department. Plus I finally have a spot to display my trusty Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar! Another cheap fix was to switch out the old cupboard handles for shiny new ones.

I look forward to bringing in some patterned textiles with Roman shades (a draper’s stripe, perhaps?) and covers for the chair cushions. I also have plans for a photo gallery on the wall overlooking our table and chairs. As well, the light bulbs are currently bare, so I’d like to find some period-inspired fixtures. For now, though, I’m happy to have a kitchen that is workable and welcoming!

23 thoughts on “Personal Style, Defined: The City Sage

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  2. Looks great, Anne! I love seeing the kitchens of creative people I admire. Especially since my kitchen is small with very little potential for customization/decorating, so I enjoy living vicariously!

  3. Anne, your kitchen looks really cute! I love the little nook and the building structure. Are the cupboards original? I really hope I’ll get to live somewhere with built-in cupboards instead of just IKEA modules… The butcher’s table is great though – a perfect way of getting both more storage space and more work surface. And the colours you’ve chosen are really stylish. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh Anne, it’s so much more than just workable and welcoming. It looks beautiful. The period architecture and details are just lovely and you’ve really managed to highlight those while still keeping it fresh and current. Nice job. I hope you’ll keep us posted as you continue to transform this sweet spot!

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