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The hard drive on my main computer crashed on Saturday, so needless to say I am freaking out! I won’t know for sure if we can save our files for another couple of days, but I am on pins and needles. The idea of losing all of our personal photos, my tutoring files, blog research, and blog photos makes me positively ill. I am currently on our laptop, which doesn’t have any of my important files on it. I also happen to hate blogging on this thing. I prefer my desktop. I am praying that we will be able to recuperate our files. The worse part is that this could have been avoided if we had backed up our files. I feel like an idiot. Please send some good vibes my way!

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Quote

  1. Paloma,

    I am so sorry but very hopeful for you. The same thing happened to me a year ago, since then I have had my hard drive recovered thanks to Apple care and I was able to retrieve most of my files! Since then I purchased an external hard drive and back up weekly.

    Good vibes and
    Good thoughts!

  2. Oh no, Paloma!! I hope that everything has turned out OK; I know how devastated I would be to loose the files on my computer (which reminds me that I seriously need to back up my files on my laptop.) Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. xoxo

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