Thank you, Adriene! ( and a little Tate update)

Peonies on my Breakfast Table- I am so happy to have finally found some in Houston!

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to my sweet friend Adriene who sent Tate the best package yesterday all the way from Wichita. I was floored to open a box from UPS filled with six or seven awesome toys for little Tate from Adriene’s pups, Habibi and Beasley. It was a completely unexpected surprise and is a testament to Adriene’s kind, thoughtful, and generous nature.

Sorry about the awful quality of the next two pictures. I took them with my phone since Tate hates the red, blinking light on my camera and always turns his handsome little face away. Anyhow, here he is playing with one of the fun toys Adriene and the boys sent. He absolutely loves them!

Another iPhone picture, but I can’t resist. This one is too cute not to share with you guys.

On Sunday, we bought a little puppy pool for Tate thinking he would love it since it has been so unbearably hot lately. Boy, were we wrong! He jumped out as soon as we put him in it. I did make Fabian put him back in and hold him in place for a few seconds while I tried to snap a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, it looks like Fabian is choking him here, but I swear he isn’t! We love our little Tater Tot. ūüôā

Tate Refusing to Strike a Pose

19 thoughts on “Thank you, Adriene! ( and a little Tate update)

  1. Those peonies are beautiful! My Mom still grows giant red and pink peonies at home in Canada, but I’m never home to admire them. I keep a sharp lookout for peonies in Taiwan, but I still haven’t been able to find any. ūüôĀ I decorate my home with fresh orchids instead, but it’s just not the same.

  2. tater tot! the great names you’re getting out of Tate. Love it. I’m thinking of getting a baby pool for my labs this summer. I think they might be a little more inclined to hang out in the water though.

  3. Too cute! Dogs are so silly – it could be 100 degrees out and mine will never get within even 10 ft of the hose when I am watering…

  4. I absolutely adore your puppy! I’ve been looking for a cockapoo puppy as well – do you have any suggestions from your search? Questions to ask a breeder, things to look for? I know you said you did pretty extensive research.

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