Fabulous Room Friday: 6.12.09

On Wednesday, I posted about the beautiful Brooklyn brown stone designed by Jonathan Berger featured in the July 2009 issue of House Beautiful. As promised, I saved one of my favorite rooms for today’s Fabulous Room Friday Post.

The dining room walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Grizzly Bear Brown, which sets off the home’s original mouldings and complements the pink milk glass Venetian chandelier quite nicely. The white pedestal table can be extended to accommodate more guests while the French chairs from the 1940s were covered in blue leather with pink-dyed cowhide backs from Global Leathers. The real stand-out piece in the room has to be the custom-made bulletin board. The huge piece was designed by Berger. The coral-like frame was made of plaster and the cork was painted a pale blue. I like the fact that it lends a more personal and relaxed vibe to the room. Normally, dining rooms are much more formal, but this makes me think that it is used strictly for intimate gatherings with family and friends. Like the rest of the house, this dining room is a little over-the-top, but that just makes it all the more fabulous!

Image scanned from House Beautiful July 2009

18 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday: 6.12.09

  1. You know I ran right out and bought this issue just because of your blog on this article and the mention that Miles Redd was featured in the issue.

    I am LOVING this spread – the whole mag is just on point. I love that starburst mirror over the larger one (which is actually covering an old doorway!).

    Superb stuff. Gave me a decorgasm.

  2. Now that’s one fun bulletin board! I like this room’s vibe — not sure, though, if I like the chandelier here. It’s seems to conflict a bit to me. As always, a nice post that’s fun to read. cheers -s

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