Little Man Tate

This past Saturday, we brought home our new Cockapoo puppy, Tate. We started off on shaky ground despite the fact that we were instantly smitten with him. After extensive research, I found someone I thought was a reputable breeder. I asked her all of the hard questions and everything checked out. It wasn’t until we brought him home that we realized she had not been as ethical as she made herself out to be. Upon taking him to the vet for his new puppy exam, we discovered that he has both Giardia and tapeworms. Luckily, both conditions are completely treatable and he should be fine by the time he gets off of his medicine tomorrow. At first I was crushed, I hadn’t anticipated a sick puppy and I didn’t fully realize how much work it would be until we got him home. I had a few “What was I thinking?” moments, but he has definitely captured our hearts and I am excited to have him as part of our family.

When I contacted the breeder to let her know what the vet had found so that she could check the other puppies she told me that she knew I would be trouble from the beginning. Come again? I can’t wrap my head around that. Was I trouble because I asked her so many questions and because I actually take this commitment seriously? Was it because she probably had to go looking on the internet for the answers to my questions? Who says that to someone? I am so glad that I will never have to deal with her again. I feel like we rescued him in a way from someone who obviously didn’t really care for him as much as she said she did. I guess things aren’t always what they seem and you live and you learn. Luckily for us, we have a sweet little guy who is going to grow big and strong and has a great home now.

Tate is very playful and extremely sweet. He follows us everywhere and likes to lay at my feet when I am at the kitchen sink. He has done a great job of staying quiet throughout the night for the past two days. We are thanking our lucky stars because he literally cried all night the first night he was home. I read that they are crying on that first night to send a signal to their litter mates to come find them. Doesn’t that break your heart? Tate quickly learned that he ended up in pretty good hands and he has really warmed up to us.

We are looking forward to our adventures with our little guy!

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  1. Oh congrats on your sweet young Tate. I am so sorry that his breeder responded to you that way when you called to give her a heads up for the litter mates. Darling, you saved Tate from an uncertain fate.
    We had a beautiful Cockapoo years ago, black and white, he looked like a sheepdog puppy. So sweet.
    Happy adventures.

  2. what a darling puppy! congrats mama!

    and i am so sorry to hear about the breeder. sadly, i feel like that happens a lot and the victims are those poor puppies still in her care. i hope they are all adopted very soon!

    can you turn her in to anyone? animal control?

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and just had to say congratulations! I have a cockapoo and they are truly the best, sweetest dogs. Charlie, our dog, cried his 1st night with us too but has now settled in quite well and is definitely a member of our family. Have fun with the new puppy!

  4. Thanks for the update. What a cute little guy! I have a few friends that have this breed & they are absolute jewels! I have to say a wonderful breeder is one in a million these days … but it looks like Tate was a lucky dog? Anyhow good luck and congrats!

  5. congratulations on your new addition!! he is just as cute as a puppy can be, i think. he’ll be quite a bit of work, but you sound like you’re up to the task and will make a wonderful doggie mom!

    may i suggest calling the humane society in your area and asking them who they’d suggest lodging a complaint with regarding that terrible breeder? i’m sure you’re tempted to just be done with her, but i think you’d be doing a service to those other puppies!

  6. Paloma, I’m so glad you rescued that little guy. I’m sure its been stressful, but at least Tate can have someone who will actually look out for him.
    Hope you guys enjoy your new family member:)

  7. Oh he’s SO CUTE! I’m so glad that everything worked out–what a horrible ordeal! I’m so glad you picked Tate. I was silently routing for that name. Congrats on that little munchkin!

  8. Congratulations Paloma! I am sorry about the breeder, it is crime what they are doing with these innocent animals. I am glad she has found a loving home with you. She is gorgeous!!!! Love you!

  9. congrats on that handsome boy, I have a girlie that literally changed my life, they are wonderful additions to anyones family;-)
    One word of advice, INSURANCE!!!
    do not put it off like I did, you will need it and it pays for itself, again, INSURANCE!!!
    enjoy your baby!

  10. Oh P! He’s adorable!! Makes my heart so happy that you’re providing him w/ a loving home. He’s much better off now, I’m sure. (Our pooch had worms and kennel cough when we rescued him, poor little guy, and he cried that first night, too–had no idea it was his form of a distress signal to his litter!)

    Ugh, people like his breeder should be locked up. Enjoy life w/ your new family member!

  11. OM MY GOD! He is SOOOOO cute! And I’m so glad he’s now out of that shady breeder’s care and in your loving home! Congrats on becoming a doggy mommy!

  12. Congratulations on the beautiful puppy. I’m sure that you will be a wonderful mother and he’ll make a wonderful companion for you. But I have to comment on your (and others) remarks about the breeder. I think that you are being quite unrealistic and quite unfair. I am not a breeder, but I am a pet owner. Firstly, giardia is a parasite that may be present in quite a high percentage of the animal population, but frequently does not present with any illness or symptoms. Only recently has a test become available that can detect them with only one stool sample — and there are questions about its reliability. Secondly, any dog or cat that goes outdoors, or communes with other dogs, cats, or other mammals, gets worms. The majority of pets in kennels have tapeworms or roundworms. They are common soil inhabitants. Some small children get them, to the horror of their parents.

    Pet ownership means regular deworming if the animal goes outside or is exposed to other animals that do. It’s life. The next time that Tate has worms, it won’t mean that you’re a bad mother. It’s just one of the realities of living with these lovely and loving mammals.

  13. OMG, he is beyond cute!!! I am so jealous, I’m dying for a dog- I want a little friend more than anything.

    When my time comes, I’ll be asking you all the questions you asked, I think you were just being a great mom and taking this seriously, which is great!!

    Congrats on the new addition!

    PS- LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

  14. He is so cute! Best of luck, and enjoy the puppy phase. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it.

    That breeder sounds terrible. There are so many shady ones out there.

  15. Anon, you make a good point. However, I do not like the fact that she was dishonest and treated me so rudely. She said that putting the puppy on the heartworm meds my vet recommended would kill him, but it turns out she is completely ignorant. I also found out she had been giving him the vaccines herself and she had just bought them at a feed store. It is frustrating that she presented herself one way, but turned out to be very different.

  16. My first thought, is that she thought you would be trouble, because she knew your breeder had a past with puppy problems.

  17. What a witch without the B…you are right, you guys saved him from her! Good luck, I love the puppy…I wish i could get one but my kids are not ready……

  18. Paloma– Tate is absolutely beyond adorable!! What a sweet face. I’m sorry for your bad experience with the breeder, but thankfully you have him now.

    And, I completely can relate to the first night you spent with Tate– Moose, our Shih Tzu, did the same thing the first night we had him, and it was heartbreaking (and impossible to sleep! It was one of those “this is why puppies are so irresistibly cute” moments.)

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  19. Sooooo adorable!!!! I’d love to meet him in person, a new friend for Lulu! You’re so lucky he’s sleeping through the night. Lulu cried every night until we couldn’t take it anymore and we’d go see her. I know, I know! Not exactly the right thing to do, but it breaks your heart! He’ll make you smile a thousand times a day! So excited for you!

  20. Tate is a beautiful and fortunate boy. I don’t think you will regret the cockapoo vs. labradoodle choice. Tate will be a loyal, smart, empathetic warrior. You don’t think of smaller dogs that way, but this breed is an interesting blend of cute beyond belief and inner drives to be a hunter. As for breeders who are dishonest, I only hope their karma catches up with their dogma! Your dog can be bilingual, don’t you agree? Great happiness to your family.

  21. That makes me so angry that the woman would say those things 1) to YOU of all people and 2) at all. Her job is a breeder and to sell puppies..and, yes, to answer as many questions as the buyer may have.

    The good news is Tate is just about the cutest pup in the world. Love him and what a great addition to your family! And quite the looker might I add…

  22. Tate is adorable!

    I’m glad you took him to a vet and had him checked out immediately. No responsible breeder would place a puppy when it has worms or is sick with anything. Yes, dogs can get sick but it’s inexcusable to sell the puppy to you when a vet had not checked it out. And, I can’t imagine a breeder who gives the shots herself – that’s frightening. I’m not sure if there is a regional dog club/association in your area for cockapoos, but if there is any kind of formal group or non-profit organization that provides information or rescues cockapoos you should let them know about this breeder.

    Anyway, glad Tate is on the mend and that he has such a good momma in you. 🙂

  23. Wow – what an evil breeder! Unbelievable! Glad Tate is getting off his meds and loving his new home – he’s a lucky little guy to get to go home with the troublemaker!!!

  24. What a handsome little fellow and the name Tate really fits him. Puppies are a lot of work until they become potty trained but they are wonderful companions. Don’t get discouraged with him and the potty training. They do finally learn (some sooner than others).

  25. What an adorable little guy! I’m sure he will be in a much better home with you and your husband than he was at the breeder’s house. Congrats on becoming a new mom! 🙂

  26. Probably just a “hobby breeder” and not a real breeder….definitely more interested in the money than the well being of the dog. Wish I could close down every one of the folks like her. Right up there with puppy mills! AARRGGGH! I don’t dare get started! My husband and I are involved with dog rescue here in Dallas! It is a crying shame the things we see.

    Good luck to you and your very lucky new family member!


  27. So sweet! love the name and he’s just so cute!!!

    FYI: You can give her the vet bills and by law she should pay them. If not you can take her to court for selling you a dog that wasn’t 100% healthy.

  28. awwwww he’s so cute!!! the SAME THING happened to me when I bought a dog (half chihuahau hald pomeranian) .. he weighed only 2.5 pounds and almost died the first night we brought him home. he had to go to the hospital and they didn’t know if he would make it. he was there for 3 days on IVs and meds 🙁 It’s terrible what these people do!!!

    A couple of weeks later, the breeder’s entire barn burned down with my pups’ parents and all the too young to sell yet pups & dogs she was breeding.. so sad.

    have the best time with baby tate — he’s so cute!!!

  29. He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations!

    A few comments about the comments that have come in…

    1. The humane society probably won’t be much help. If there is an organization for breeders of these dogs, they would be a place to start. The fact that she wasn’t horrified that she gave you a sick pup and didn’t offer to pay for the medication is going to be frowned upon by other breeders. Most guarantee the health of the puppy for at least a year and sometimes more.

    I looked to see if there was a cockapoo association. They aren’t a recognized by the big registries because they are a mix and not a pure breed, so there is no definitive breed organization. The two clubs I found have pretty amateur websites, but they are good places to start with lodging a complaint.

    2. “Hobby breeders” are the reputable breeders out there. They breed to better the breed, not to make money. Breeders who see their breeding purely as a business – those who sees their dogs as assets – are the problem, not hobby breeders.

    Thankfully, your pup got to you and not someone who wouldn’t be able to handle the financial burden of treating his condition. Thank goodness for that!

  30. There are so many good comments and suggestions here that I won’t be overly redundant but wanted to share a few things.

    We purchased a puppy a year ago and the several months prior to bringing him home I jumped through so many hoops and answered so many questions from breeders that I thought I was adopting a child not buying a dog. I though…I have to answer to you and THEN give you all my money!

    It turned out that all I went through was for the best reasons and we have the most perfect dog for our family/lifestyle/temperament and its all because of the good and carrying work of the breeder.

    If Tate’s breeder knowingly sent an ill dog to you…well that is just BAD. Now that you have sweet Tate home give him all the love you can, take puppy classes because it will be the best investment you make to the enjoyment of your puppy…soon to be dog.

    You can see some images of my beloved Gus at (scroll way down to see him)

    Tricia – Avolli

  31. He is so sweet and adorable and you have just found out what unconditional love is! Your are a good Mommy…poor little guy had a rough go of it but definitely knows he landed in a good place.

  32. Hey P- Upstart definitely knows what she is talking about! Call me if you have any dog emergencies!


  33. Aw very cute! What a rude breeder! Whether she knew about it or not she could have apologized and made sure she checks the other puppies! Unbelievable! Thank goodness you’re taking care of him now!

  34. at first i was disappointed that you had purchased your pup rather than adopting one from a shelter but after reading his story, i am glad you found him and saved him from that awful breeder. tate (love that name) will now have a long happy life in a loving home!

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