Say It Ain’t So!

Part of the Winning Design by Season One’s Matt Lorenz

A little birdie just told me that Top Design has not been renewed by Bravo for a third season due to disappointing ratings. Can anyone confirm this? I pretty much watch Bravo’s entire lineup, but Top Design was among my favorite shows on the network. Quite frankly, I think the talent on Top Design is of an entirely different caliber, then say, HGTV’s Design Star. I really hope this isn’t true! First Project Runway and now Top Design…

Part of Nathan Thomas’ Winning Design in Season Two
Eddie Ross is quite possibly the biggest “unofficial” winner to come from Top Design. He has become incredibly popular since the show and has an insane following on his fabulous blog!

22 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So!

  1. Oh no, I really hope your little bird is wrong!!! That would be so so so disappointing. Top Design was definitely my favorite show on Bravo, and yes, it is head and shoulders above anything on HGTV. And you are right about Eddie being the big winner, for sure. (I thought he should have won anyway).

  2. We dont have this show in New Zealand but I’m concerned you mentioned Project Runway!!!! We are way behind the US in seasons I guess but I hang out for my Friday night fix at the moment…

  3. One of my best friend’s sisters is one of the producers for the next season of Top Design- and word on the street is that another network is picking them up… and that it should air in June. That’s what a little birdy told me… so I hope it’s true!

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