Correction: Will the real designer please stand up?

I have been informed that this house, whose gorgeous rooms I have featured countless times on La Dolce Vita over the past six months, actually belongs to Preston Lee’s design partner, Jennifer Dyer and was not designed by Preston after all. I will not disclose exactly why I was under the impression that it belonged to Preston, but there was no way of knowing otherwise.

However, now I know that it was in fact designed by Jennifer, who lives in this beautiful home.

I always try my absolute best to give credit where credit is due and I think anyone who is part of the blog world knows that sometimes, this can be somewhat of a challenge. This has never happened to me before and I certainly do not intend for it to ever happen again, but I must say that the way that the house was presented on Top Design and on certain websites made it seem as though this was in fact Preston’s home. I still think he is incredibly talented and believe that this was all a simple miscommunication on behalf of a few people.

More of Jennifer Dyer’s Chic Abode:

Images via Preston and Jennifer’s website, Design & Style

13 thoughts on “Correction: Will the real designer please stand up?

  1. Hi Paloma – how do you know it’s Jennifer Dyer’s house? I just reviewed my recordings of Top Design, which I covered extensively, and those pics were credited on television as Preston’s home – which is why everyone thought it was. So, if it’s not Preston’s, he must have mis-represented the work to the producers. It doesn’t make a lot of sense since their partnership was announced after the show aired, so if he was using her images, she knew it. Also, he had a seperate website with equally lovely designs,

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