Let them wear expensive shoes!

It seems that shoe designer extraordinaire, Christian Louboutin is causing quite a stir in the same way that France’s most notorious queen, Marie Antoinette did in her era. “Famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin has decided to go for extreme opulence. Louboutin is set to debut his limited edition Marie Antoinette Collection (in collaboration with embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage) at the end of this month. Just 36 pairs of the ornate creations — available in three colors: pink, yellow, and blue will exist in the world — and they carry a price tag of $6,295. Glamour.com cautions that these “little ballgowns for the tootsies” could “cause a freak-out.”

Back at the end of the eighteenth century, the people of France were revolting against the government and demanding bread to eat when, Marie Antoinette, whose decadent lifestyle was cause for public indignation, famously declared: “Let them eat cake.” Perhaps Louboutin’s steeply priced creations of wearable art are a bit insensitive given the current economic climate. Let’s hope he doesn’t meet the same fate as Marie Antoinette!

8 thoughts on “Let them wear expensive shoes!

  1. Maybe Louboutin is doing this to make up for the inevitable economic backlash against his “everyday” shoes. For every $6000 pair sold, that is 10 less pairs of $600 heels he must push to a less-enthusiastic-about-spending public.

    I don’t get what is going on with fashion pricing these days. I would think with the recession and books like “Deluxe” exposing the industry, prices would be inching down.

  2. They are works of art for a museum not for feet. Lovely. I love that first picture, it was my banner for my blog for a long time.

    Paloma are you getting a pair of these?

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