Please Pray for Marci

Marci and her Monkey

This is my sister’s sweet little pug, Marci. A couple of days ago, Marci had a routine vet visit and he found a tumor on her chest. My poor sister is devastated because Marci means the absolute world to her. She rescued her just under two years ago and she has quickly become adored by everyone in our family. She is the sweetest dog ever and a total cuddlebug. If you sit next to her on the sofa, she will snuggle up next to you and grab your hand with her little paw so that you will pet her. She just wants to be loved and loves everyone she comes in contact with.

Marci is having surgery on Monday to remove the tumor. Please keep her in your thoughts and send her lots of good vibes!

11 thoughts on “Please Pray for Marci

  1. Poor Marci. I think she will be fine. My dog had his entire spleen taken out with a tumor two months ago. Today, you would never know anything was ever wrong with him. They bounce back fast.

  2. I just found your blog this week and now I’m hooked! Today the pug! I have two little puggies and can’t imagine life without them. We’ll send up a special prayer for Marci!

  3. Hi I happen to pop over for a visit and saw this post about Marci. She is a cutie. I will keep your sister and Marci in my thoughts. I hope all turns out OK tomorrow. Please keep us posted. xoxo

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