Jet Set: Blackberry Farm

The Lancaster Suite in the Hill Cottage

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just think to yourself, “I really need a break”? You know exactly what I mean. Those weeks that inadvertently sneak up on you with those pleasant surprises known as extra work demands, a longer than usual list of things to do around the house, social commitments, or even coming down with a cold in the midst of it all.

Blackberry Farm in The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee seems to be the perfect antidote for anyone who has been feeling overloaded. This certainly is not what I would have imagined if you had asked me to describe a farm in Tennessee! Blackberry Farm combines and idyllic, serene location with chic accommodations complete with all of the luxuries you could imagine.

The farm is home to an Aveda Spa and two restaurants, a fine dining establishment housed in an 18th century Amish barn and a cozier option in the main building. There is plenty of relaxation to be had. One can hit up the spa, curl up with a book by the fireplace or in a rocking chair overlooking the hills or partake in Yoga or cooking classes. The concierge can also arrange outdoor activities like hot air ballooning, rafting, and horseback riding. A fully functioning farm, Blackberry is home to livestock, produce gardens, an orchard, and an artisanal cheese producing dairy. The rates at Blackberry Farm include a full meal plan (three meals per day and snacks from the pantry) and access to a Lexus fleet.
A view of the fireplace in the Lancaster Suite

Lucy Braun Suite in the Hill Cottage

Vintner Suite in the Hill Cottage

The Vintner Suite’s Living Area

Hen & Chicks Bedroom in the Family Farmhouse

Honeybee Bedroom in the Family Farmhouse

Family Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Spa

Rockers in front of the Main House

A view of the lake and the boat house

Outdoor Dining Area
How lovely is this?
The Smoky Mountains

15 thoughts on “Jet Set: Blackberry Farm

  1. WOW! I love Blackberry Farm. I forget what magazine they were featured in over a year ago, but I ripped out the pages and used it as inspiration for my home especially with my LR and went for it when chocolate brown walls!

    I die over that rug/carpet in the first image. Love the huge greek key print.

  2. I’m DYING to go. I’m from Tennessee and those rolling hills just … oh. So pretty. Of course the beautiful rooms, great food, and spa helps too!

    Great post, I thought I had uncovered every image of BF online, but there are a few new ones here. Thanks!

  3. I heard that Suzanne Kasler did some of the decorating for the rooms. She definitely did the interiors for the owners’ home.

    My husband’s uncle took his family there for Thanksgiving last year, and I joked that I wanted him to adopt me for the weekend so I could go too. They said it was amazing, particularly the food.

  4. This place is a ripoff and a scam! Be prepared for 34% taxes and fees on top of the room rate. Want to ride a bike while there, $100, want to attend a cooking class, $190. The list goes on. Also remember, they charge you at time of booking, even if you book months before.

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