Leave it to Domino…

to create a beautiful display for Christmas cards. I love that this one looks like an inspiration board, especially since most of us could use a little inspiration at the end of what has been a difficult year for so many people. My friend and I were just discussing the fact that we have received far fewer Christmas cards this year. Perhaps people are trying to “go green” or maybe they just want to save on postage. Did you send out cards this year?

11 thoughts on “Leave it to Domino…

  1. Domino is a constant font of inspiriation. I like how they can turn something simple or even mundane into something fabulous. As a mother, my mind doesn’t work as quickly as it used to. Nudges from blogs (hint, hint) and magazines are a great help.

    It does seem like people have held back on holiday cards this year. Economy? Going green? Who knows? We sent ours out this past week-which is actually early for us-so we feel pretty good about it.

    Have a Happy Holiday!

  2. I’ve always been the one who sends them out. I write real notes, send them ahead of time and always choose gorgeous, proud, bold card designs. But…alas, a 9 month old is a bigger priority this year. I sent out not one card. Too busy keeping everything else going.

    Interestingly, I also received very few cards. You know what? I miss them. But I’d gladly pay someone to hand write mine next year ūüôā

  3. I sent a few to friends but my mom sends out cards every year. We usually get a TON but they’ve been coming in slower than usual this year. I love getting cards!

  4. Yes I did and receiving many but by the look of it not as many as you. I will be one of the last to give up sending cards each year and I am sticking to that. I have received less but we still have a couple of days and most come in at the end. Merry Christmas XoXo Kathy

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