Workin’ on My Fitness…You’re My Witness

So, after the mini photo shoot of my house yesterday, I did indeed make time for a successful Pilates work out. I hate the feeling of dread before a work out, but I always feel so amazing afterwards! This post doesn’t really have a point besides driving home the fact that I need to be held accountable by a trainer, friend, or in this case my blog readers to work out, or I’ll keep putting it off. I plan to work out again today. Well, so long as nothing else comes up…

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9 thoughts on “Workin’ on My Fitness…You’re My Witness

  1. I am on the same boat as you. I know I have to do, should do it, but ah other things get in the way. Due to the advice of my sister I just ordered Jillians 30 day shed and it’s only 30 minutes and she lost 8 inches overall on her body in just weeks. I’m impressed so I ordered it last week. It has arrived, but I have yet to open it. Baby steps…

  2. Go girl! (This might sound crazy but after I had my baby & needed to shed the baby weight, I did the stairs in my house. Just sprinted up & down them a million times & I got back into shape so quickly because if it!) Nothing beats running.. unfortunately ūüėČ

  3. Are you still hitting the gym or just at home? I need to get a gym membership in the new year to get rid of the baby weight. I am not sure if I want to do the Y or Lifetime.

  4. Your pilates work out is it at a studio or the gym? If you’re working out at a gym try to find a studio if you like pilates. You will have a blast on all the machines and it feels so good afterwards. Fun and a workout, email me if you any questions! ūüôā

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