Georgia on My Mind

Savannah, Georgia

The more I hear about Georgia, the more I want to visit. No offense to any Georgians who may be reading this, but it wasn’t a place I really longed to visit until fairly recently. Maybe it’s all of the wonderful things my husband has learned from his associates in Savannah and Atlanta (Hi! Leave a comment some time. ), a desire to visit our friends Lou and Kym who recently moved there, or all of the gorgeous images I have seen of grand estates in Buckhead through Things that Inspire, Brilliant Asylum, and so many other top-notch design blogs based out of Georgia. It seems like such a regal, elegant, yet laid back place. Hopefully, we’ll make it over for a visit some time soon.

The Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia

8 thoughts on “Georgia on My Mind

  1. Have you ever read ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’? It is an awesome book, set in Savannah.
    I have read it about a dozen times, and every time it makes me want to go there more!

  2. Savannah is beautiful, but if I had to pick one great place in the Southeast to visit, it would be Charleston! It is one of my favorite places.

    Thanks for the mention! I was just on a walk on Tuxedo Road in Buckhead, and there was a 6 acre lot for sale. There are not many cities where you can live on a 6 acre lot in the best part of the city! Atlanta is a great place for homes and design.

  3. TTI- Charleston is definitely on my short list of places to visit! It seems like such a beautiful, charming city and I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

  4. Even though I love to hate my southern-fried state sometimes, I think Georgia has a lot to offer–mountains, beaches, cities, culture and countryside.

    Savannah is beautiful and haunting and inspiring. Atlanta is huge and diverse with hidden pockets of southern charm.

    Come visit!

  5. I have to say that Savannah is one of the most beautiful towns that I have visited in the U.S. Perhaps, it is the most beautiful town. It has it all, history, architecture, gorgeous green spaces and Southern charm. My only complaint was that I was there in June, and Savannah definitely gives Houston a run for its money where the humidity is concerned. Despite that, it is worth a trip to Georgia for Savannah alone.

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